Knockerball Rentals

Knockerball Rentals

Vicenza Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers(BOSS)

BOSS is renting out knockerballs!  This is a great opportunity for you to try out a new and fun sport and to support the BOSS program at the same time.

Watch a knockerball promo video

More information:

  • Knockerball is exhausting so be prepared for a full-body workout
  • Waiver must be completed prior to participation
  • All proceeds will go to the BOSS program

Skip your regular exercise routine for the day and play knockerball instead!

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One hour packages:

  • $150.00 - 6 ball package (3 vs. 3)
  • $200.00 - 8 ball package (4 vs. 4)
  • $250.00 - 10 ball package (5 vs. 5)

$50.00 - extra hour of play to your package

For events longer than one hour, please contact BOSS for a quote

Registration Info

All knockerball rentals are done by appointment and set up by BOSS personnel

Please call 335-696-5672 to schedule your rental