Strong Families Challenge

Strong Families Challenge

Family and MWR

Don't miss your chance to hang out with friends and family while enjoy a chance to win big prizes! The Strong Families Challenge is a Family and MWR program aimed at building up resiliency and strengthing the community through MWR's various recreation activities/facilities and Army Community Service offerings.

Who Can I Participate?

Don't let the name fool you, the Strong Families Challenge isn't just for families. We've opened it to the "Army Family", meaning you can be:

  • Battle Buddies
  • Friends
  • A couple without children
  • A couples with children
  • A spouse with her child/children (while a spouse is TDY or deployed)

As long as you're not by yourself and you are a valid ID cardholder you're open to be entered into the prize drawing.

Please note: Local National employees and those without authorization to use Family and MWR facilities are not open to participate.

Where Can I Participate?

If MWR offers it, it counts! It doesn't even need to be something that cost you a dime.

Some on-post examples would be:

  • Month of the Military Child events
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month events
  • Outdoor Recreation trips and classes
  • ACS classes
  • Arena bowling specials
  • Arts & Crafts classes or studio time
  • BOSS trips or volunteer opportunities
  • CYS activities and sports
  • Library clubs and story times
  • Soldiers' Theatre classes

How Do I Win?


Winning is as easy as: Pick! - Click! - Post!

  • Pick!
    The first step is simple: go out and have fun! Family and MWR facilities offer a wide range of activities and free classes. We also have various special events you can attend. Pick what you and your "Family" would like to do and then go there and do it. Enjoy!
  • Click!
    Step two is just as easy: take out your camera and take a picture! Once you're in an MWR facility or at one of our special events, bring out your camera or smartphone and snap a picture of your "Family" having fun! It's as simple as that and only takes a second.
  • Post!
    Got that great picture?  Time to post it or share it with us! Go to the Vicenza Family and MWR Facebook page and post your picture there or you can choose to email it to us instead. The more pictures you post to us, the more entries you'll have in the prize drawing!

What Can I Win?

The Strong Families Challenge has always been great and giving away some big prizes. You can win:

  • Two nights away at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
  • Hundreds in Commissary gift cards
  • Free Outdoor Recreation tripsFree Outdoor Recreation trips
  • PX gift cards
  • Free car washes
  • Free bowling
  • Free Arts & Crafts Center studio time
  • MWR prize packages
  • More!

What If I Don't Have Facebook?

Not into the social media scene?  No problem!  You can submit your photo entries and selfies by emailing us using the email button below.

Don't miss out!  Get in the challenge!

A Bonus Way To Have More Entries in the Drawing:

Have you see the Family and MWR Go To Guide?  If not, swing by the Ederle mail room or one of MWR's many facilities and pick up a copy. Inside you'll find lots of great, useful information as well as various advertisers. If you and your "Family" are using or visiting one of these advertisers, you can snap a picture while you're there and have that count as another entry in the prize drawing!

These off-post examples would be:

  • La Corte Dei Miracoli Real Estate
  • Il Tinello Steakhouse
  • Bikes & More
  • Dentisti Vignato
  • Sarandria
  • Global Credit Union
  • Von Casa Galco boarding/breeding/training
  • USAA
  • Tailor Shop Idrizi
  • Hong Kong Ristorante
  • Vetrocar auto glass repair/replacement
  • Dr. Marcus De Luca Chiropractic
  • Locande Veneta
  • Frantoio Olive Barbarano
  • Bebo Bistro in Quinto Vicentino
  • Venice Kayak
  • BellAsolo
  • Villa Bazzolini Loredan
  • Elios Ceramiche
  • Massage Relax
  • Bamburger
  • BluSub
  • Giaovanna Gavazzo Tours
  • Albaspina BioAgriturismo
  • Bonamini
  • Villa De Winckels
  • Gateway2Verona
  • Mmove Into Nature
  • Val Formica
  • Arthur Murray Dance Studio
  • Corte Igor Taxi/Transfers
  • Ladies and Gentlemen Tattoo
  • TasteVenice
  • Centro Ortodontico Vicentino

So get into the challenge today before it's too late!

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