Writing Contest

Writing Contest

Ederle or Del Din Libraries

Family and MWR and the USAG Italy Libraries are proud to present a writing contest to the the entire community!  Prizes will be awarded and the winning writers of each age group will have their article published in the Family and MWR Go To Guide (2018 Edition).

Contest Runs: April 30 - May 19

Theme (choose one):

  • Traveling in Italy
  • Favorite Places in Italy

Age Ranges and Writing Guidelines:

  • Ages 5-11 Years
    Submissions: hand-written or typed with optional drawing
    Maximum: 110 Words (approximately 714 characters)
  • Ages 12-17 Years
    Submissions: hand-written or typed
    Maximum: 211 Words (apprimxately 1365 characters)
  • Ages 18+
    Submissions: typed
    Maximum: 409 Words (approximately 2667 characters)

Where to Delivery Entries:

  • Ederle Library front desk
  • Del Din Library front desk

Judging Takes Place: May 21-25

Prizes Awarded For:

  • 1st Place (in each age range)
  • 2nd Place (in each age range)
  • 3rd Place (in each age range)

Don't miss your chance to be get your articled published or to win some great prizes!

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Registration Info

Entries must be submitted to the Ederle or Del Din Library front desks.

All entries must have the following attached or written on the back:

  • Full Name
  • Age range of submission
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number