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Arts & Crafts Center

The Ederle Art Center provides a full range of creative options for all levels of artists and craftsmen in the Vicenza Military Community offering workshops, classes and services. The facility provides professional equipment in do-it-yourself studios for woodwork, pottery and framing, sewing machines, and a large multi-craft classroom.

Activities and services provided:

  • Ceramics program
  • Matting and framing (do-it-yourself)
  • Photo Printing
  • Engraving services
  • Woodworking
  • Parent/child classes
  • Youth classes
  • Resiliency Through Art
  • Multi-crafts
  • Paint your own pottery
  • Block Printing
  • UV Resin
  • Brush Lettering
  • Paper Quilling
  • Sublimation Services
  • Creative birthday parties and private events

Check out our April Activity Calendar!

Please note: Wood Shop hours of operation are based on certified volunteers' availability and may change without notice. Check our Facebook page for the most updated information or call us directly at the number provided above.

Plaque Services
  • Template #1 - $65.00

    Template #1 - $65.00

  • Template #2 - $90.00

    Template #2 - $90.00

  • Template #3 - $150.00

    Template #3 - $150.00

  • Template #4 - $110.00

    Template #4 - $110.00

  • Template #5 - $65.00

    Template #5 - $65.00

Contact the Ederle Art Center to place your order.  When placing the order please provide the following:

  1. Plaque Template Choice
  2. Mat Color Combo (black/yellow, blue/red, blue/maroon, blue/yellow)
  3. Frame Choice (black or brown)
  4. Photo file for us to print and place in the plaque
  5. Verbiage for the engraved plate that will go inside the plaque

Once we receive your order, please drop off the items you want in the plaque (rank, patches, coins, static line, etc.) during our regular business hours listed on this page. Engraved images of any of these items can be provided at an additional cost if you are unable to provide. 

Open Studios

All studios are open during regular business hours.

Studios may not be available if a class is scheduled so please check our calendar for class listings and times.


  • $2.50 per hour
  • Wood Shop or Frame Studio: $30 per month or $70 per year
  • Glaze/firing package: $50 per month or $140 per year
  • Room rental package: $25 per hour plus additional charges for supplies and instruction

Fees include:

  • Ceramics Studio - bisque firing
  • Wood Shop - small hardware, sandpaper, glue, etc.
  • Frame Studio - small hardware, mounting tape, filler putty, etc.
  • Multi-Craft Room - sewing machines, paints, scrapbooking supplies, kids crafting supplies, mosaic supplies, soap supplies, etc.
Class Offerings

Brush Lettering - Open to Teens and Adults

  • Cost per person: $15
  • Minimum: 4 people
  • Maximum: 15 people

Block Printing - Youth, Adult and Parent/Child Options

  • Cost per person: $15
  • Minimum: 4 people
  • Maximum: 10 people

Ceramics - Youth, Adult and Parent/Child Options

  • Wheel Throwing
    • Cost per person: $35
    • Minimum: 2 people
    • Maximum: 5 people
  • Hand building
    • Cost per person: $15 to $25
    • Minimum: 4 people
    • Maximum: 10 people

Corks & Canvas - Open to Ages 18 and up (classes can take place at the Art Center, Arena, 5:01 Bar, Warrior Zone, or Soldiers’ Theatre)

  • Cost per person: $25
  • Minimum: 8 people
  • Maximum: 22 people

Cupcakes & Canvas - Open to Ages 6 years and up

  • Cost per person: $15-$25 depending on size of canvas and length of class
  • Minimum: 6 people
  • Maximum: 20 people

Glass Fusion - Youth, Adult and Parent/Child Options

  • Cost per person: $20
  • Minimum: 3 people
  • Maximum: 6 people

Intro to Framing - Open to Ages 16 and up

  • Cost per person: $50
  • Minimum: 2 people
  • Maximum: 5 people
  • 1st Saturday of each month 930-1330

Mosaics - Youth, Adult and Parent/Child Options

  • Cost per person: $20
  • Minimum: 3 people
  • Maximum: 6 people

Paper Quilling - Youth, Adult and Parent/Child Options

  • Cost per person: $15
  • Minimum: 4 people
  • Maximum: 6 people

Resiliency through Art Sessions - Youth and Adult Options

  • Cost varies; free workshops for Units to obtain Resiliency training via MRT certified instructor

​​​​​​​Soap Making - Youth, Adult and Parent/Child Options

  • Cost per person: $15
  • Minimum: 3 people
  • Maximum: 8 people

Woodshop Safety - Open to Ages 18 and up

  • Cost per person: $15
  • Minimum: 2 people
  • Maximum: 10 people
  • 1st Saturday of each month 11-1230
  • 3rd Thursday of each month 1730-1900
Frequently Asked Questions

What classes, programs and services do you offer?

Programs and classes offered:

  • Ceramics
  • Fine arts
  • Resiliency Through Art
  • Seasonal and special interest classes

Inquire within if you have an area of interest not listed on our calendar.

Available custom services:

  • Engraving
  • Wood work
  • Bottle slumping
  • Ceramic hand print keepsake tiles

What are the requirements to use the facilities?

The Frame Studio and Wood Shop are the only studios that have certification/safety requirements prior to utilizing. Certification classes for the Frame Studio are offered the 3rd Saturday of every month. Woodshop certification classes are held the first Saturday and 3rd Thursday of each month.

How do I register for classes?

You can register at the Arts & Crafts Center during normal operating hours or online through WebTrac.  

When is the earliest and latest I can sign up for an activity?

As soon as an activity is in our RecTrac system, individuals can begin signing up. Registration cutoff is typically 48 hours prior to class start date, but may be extended in certain circumstances. The minimum number of participants must be reached by the 48-hour deadline in order for the class to run. Payment is required at the time of registration.

What is the cancellation policy for classes?

Full refunds will be given to customers who cancel 48 hours prior to class day or previous business day if class is on Tuesday.

Is there an age restriction to use the facility?

Due to equipment and safety policies, the following age restrictions apply:

  • Frame studio is restricted to ages 16 and over
  • Wood shop is restricted to ages 18 and over

Can I have my artwork shipped to me?

We recommend that customers pick up their own projects and personally pack for mailing if needed. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept U.S. dollars, credit/debit cards and checks. Euros are not accepted.

How long does pottery take to be fired and glazed?

The typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. The ceramics kiln is run twice a week depending on the number of items needed to be fired. Bisque pieces are fired once they are completely dry which can take up to a week.

Do you offer private classes?

Private classes can be scheduled based on the availability of the instructors. Most private classes require a minimum of 6 individuals, but others can be done with a minimum of 3-4. Come in and see what we can offer you!

We also offer special programming and/or classes for groups such as FRGs, scouts, homeschool, etc. 

Can I organize a class at another location?

As long as the owner/manager of the location is in agreement, we can potentially take our classes to other locations. Depending on the activity and supplies needed, the Arts & Crafts Center may be a more suitable location, but certain classes travel just fine!

Can I volunteer to teach classes?

Definitely! We are always looking for volunteers to help diversify what we offer at the Arts & Crafts Center. Register through the Volunteer Corps at ACS and come by to show us what you would like to offer!

Can you laminate items?

We laminate both large and small items. Cost depends on size.

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