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Italy Tax Relief Office (TRO)

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How can we help you?

Utility Tax Exemption Program (UTEP)

Personnel residing in private rental housing may take advantage of the Tax Relief Office (TRO) Utility Tax Exemption Program (UTEP) for Methane gas (City Gas) and Liquid Propane Gas (GPL). Remember that by joining UTEP you can save 32-48% on your home heating bills.

How do I start?

Contact the Tax Relief Office and provide them with the following items:

  • AIM/AGSM Energy Contract for Natural Gas
    Known as the "Contratto di somministrazione di gas naturale", this is in the customers name. Only the first two pages of the document are required.
  • Copy of the Lease Agreement
    Complete copy of lease agreement is required.
  • Copy of PCS Orders
    Complete copy of PCS orders are required.
  • Photocopy of Official Passport or SETAF Drivers License
    Please provide both front and back.
  • Technical Inspection
    Customers who leases were signed before 25 August 2022 will be provided a technical inspection memo from the Housing Office.


The cost of being in the program is $264.00 per year, broken down into monthly payments of $22.00.

How does the program work?
Your gas company will send the invoice to the TRO/UTEP Program with the taxes excluded, thereby benefiting from the tax exemption. The TRO will then pay your bill and forward you the invoice for the amount paid, including our monthly fees.

How do I make payments for my invoice statements? Bills are always due on the last working day of the month. Should the customer not pay the entire balance due, a $55.00 late fee will be assessed during the next billing cycle.

Payment Options:

  • Personal Credit Card
    We can put your selected credit card into our RecTrac point-of-sale system to charge as the invoice payment comes up.
  • BNL
    If you have an account with BNL, your payment can be deducted directly from the account. Community Bank account holders will have to use their credit card versus working directly through the bank.
  • In Person

Note: If you have not received your monthly statement in the mail, please contact the Tax Relief Office immediately to have your statement reissued. Thank you.

IVA Tax Exemption Program

The IVA exemption program enables authorized individuals to purchase items for the home without paying the 22% Value Added Tax (IVA). The IVA exemption applies to household items which the customers intend to export when they leave the country. It does not apply to items to be used for commerce. The minimum purchase for receiving IVA exemption is €150.00

The IVA exemption program for buying household items on the Italian economy is provided by international agreement and Italian law to official United States (U.S.) procurement agencies, but not to individual members in their own names. In order to grant IVA exemption to authorized customers, the IVA exemption program has been established to act as the official procurement agency on their behalf.

Please keep in mind that it is voluntary for any vendor to participate in tax-free transactions.


Sample Forms and Forms for Download
Document File Type
IVA Letter for Mechanics
IVA Letter for Vendors
Sample Meter Pictures .pdf
Example:  Bad Receipt .pdf
Example:  Good Receipt .pdf


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