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Italy Tax Relief Office(TRO)


Personnel residing in private rental housing may take advantage of the Tax Relief Office (TRO) Utility Tax Exemption Program (UTEP) for Methane gas (City Gas) and Liquid Propane Gas (GPL). The Tax Relief Office requires a $232.00 service fee per year because the Tax Relief Office is a Non-Appropriated Fund function. Remember though that by joining UTEP, you could save on your home heating bills 32-48%. The Directorate of Public Works Housing Division will work with the customers regarding electricity and water.


Payment Options

Installment Billing: Customer provides credit card information and account balance is charged against their credit card. Charges are processed every month between the 15th and 25th of each month to ensure account is not charged late fees. Customer receives email confirmation at the time the credit card transaction is processed. Credit card information is not documented on paper files and is stored as an encrypted file. In the event the transaction is not completed successfully, the customer receives an email and can still make arrangements for payment before the end of the billing cycle to avoid late fee’s.

Bank Payment: TRO has established working relationships with Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL). Following written authorization of the customer BNL will be provided account balance and provide payment by check from the customer’s account. This is processed between 20-31 of each month.

Email Payment: The TRO will also accept credit card payments via email. However, when using this method, we recommend using duty/mil email as the contents of the message can be encrypted to avoid unnecessarily exposing credit card info. Copy of the receipt is forwarded via email.


IVA Tax Exemption Program

The IVA exemption program enables authorized individuals to purchase items for the home without paying the 22% Value Added Tax (IVA). The IVA exemption applies to household items which the customers intend to export when they leave the country. It does not apply to items to be used for commerce. The minimum purchase for receiving IVA exemption is €150.00

The IVA exemption program for buying household items on the Italian economy is provided by international agreement and Italian law to official United States (U.S.) procurement agencies, but not to individual members in their own names. In order to grant IVA exemption to authorized customers, the IVA exemption program has been established to act as the official procurement agency on their behalf.

Please keep in mind that it is voluntary for any vendor to participate in tax-free transactions.


Useful Information
Document File Type
IVA Letter for Mechanics
IVA Letter for Vendors
Sample Meter Pictures .pdf
Example:  Bad Receipt .pdf
Example:  Good Receipt .pdf

Note: If you have not received your monthly statement in the mail, please contact the Tax Relief Office immediately to have your statement reissued. Thank you.

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