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Warrior Adventure Quest (WAQ)

The Warrior Adventure Quest (WAQ) is a DA approved and endorsed program under Executive Orders for all units. WAQ is designed to re-create the adrenaline rush of combat action in a supervised, controlled, high adventure activity which is supervised by Family and MWR Outdoor Recreation staff.

WAQ instills cohesion, builds teamwork and maintains combat readiness through high-adventure activities. This program enables Soldiers to reach a “new stage of normal” by diminishing boredom and high-risk behavior, through outdoor recreation and a Leader – Led After Action Debriefing L-LAAD.

Important Info To Know:

  • WAQ is offered at no cost to units.
  • All units are now eligible for participation every 6 months.
  • All WAQ activities will take place on weekdays, during regular duty hours.
  • WAQ events must be scheduled in advance, typically at least 2 weeks out.

Please note: This program is not to be confused as a free recreation day.

Funding will be provided upon successful completion of the activity and fulfillment of a Post-Activity Survey.

Please do not schedule a WAQ activity day in conjunction with any other event (i.e. unit organization day, FRG gathering, family days, Army birthdays, promotion ceremonies, bake sales or the like). Distractors like these will cause the activity day to be cancelled.

The WAQ program is a Leader and Soldier Program designed to support the Ready/Train and RESET phases of the ARFORGEN process. The objective of WAQ is to create a sustainable, enduring program that Army leaders recognize as a viable means to assist Soldier re-integration, maintain combat readiness and increase unit cohesion. Each activity will be followed by a (L-LAAD) and Post- Activity survey. This is designed to draw similarities between the high adventure activity and their Warrior experiences. The L-LAAD will be conducted by unit leadership (Squad Leader, NCOIC, OIC, Commander, etc.) The designated L-LAAD facilitators will need to meet with a WAQ representative prior to the event. WAQ representatives will teach the leaders how to properly conduct an L-LAAD.




Instructions for Unit Participation & Unit Responsibilities

#1 - Unit Participation Information

Unit Designated Training Coordinators (PSG/PL or higher) will contact the Outdoor Recreation Warrior Adventure Quest POC to schedule their unit for participation. The Warrior Adventure Quest activity day must be a unit’s priority as this is a training activity, if the intent is to fill this day with other activities the request will be denied or cancelled.

Activity dates are provided on a first come, first-served basis.

  • Execution: Target train/ready units within 120 days of deployment, RESET units within 120 days of redeployment, and units with no impending deployment (limited to 1x participation every 2 years)
  • Group Size: Limited to one platoon (25-40) persons per day.
  • Activity Duration: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. hours (one hour will be set aside for lunch)

#2 - Unit Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with the WAQ POC to schedule your activity and date (3 weeks prior to selected date).
  • Contact and confirm that your unit will have a facilitator present for the Leader-Led After Action Debriefing (L-LAAD) Training.
  • Conduct Soldier Training prior to attendance: Information on why the Army is providing WAQ.
  • Each Soldier will also complete a mandatory WAQ post-survey on the day of your scheduled activity. This tracks the soldiers who attend the program and for funding purposes.

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