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Vicenza CYS Sports and Fitness

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Youth Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness Programs provide team sports, individual sports, fitness and health programs and, programming at Child Development Centers, School Age and Youth Programs. Pre-registration is required for Sports and Fitness Programs. Children and youth that are currently registered in CYS can be enrolled in Sports and Fitness using WebTrac.

The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) has a website for evaluation of coaches. Parents have the opportunity to evaluate coaches on the NAYS website. Parents must have the coach member number to rate their coach. You can get this number from the CYS Sports and Fitness office. 

Sports Physical

A sports-specific physical must be completed annually, prior to the start of the sports season. The form must be completed with a doctor’s signature and stamp, then submitted to Parent Central Services during registration. Hint: The best time to get your child’s physical — if possible — is in July. This way, your child’s physical will be valid for all sports for one full year.

Sports' Physical

COVID-19 Information


Parent Participation (only virtual participation at this time)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, parent participation is limited to virtual only until further notice.

Parent participation is highly encouraged in all CYS programs, and is actually necessary for some activities to be successful. There would not be a Sports program without the dedication of volunteer coaches. Some ways parents participate in child care programs may include eating lunch with their child and participating in various room activities (prior arrangements must be made with your child's teacher).

Parent Advisory Boards (PAB's) operate at all the Centers and are open to all parents. Through the PAB, parents provide valuable input to the programs in which their children spend a significant portion of their day. To encourage parent participation, the "Why I'm Needed" (WIN) program allows parents to earn points through volunteering opportunities at the centers, or attending parenting classes through the Family Advocacy Program.

 The WIN Program: This is a special program that enables parents to earn up to a 10% discount on their 1st child's monthly child care fees at the CDC or SAC. Parents perform essential tasks for the CDC or SAC and earn a specific number of discount points. Each discount point is worth 1 percent each up to a maximum of 10 discount points which is 10%. These discount points may then be applied towards child care fee. Check with the CDC or SAC front desk staff for more information.

Eligibility to use CYS programs include dependents of active duty military personnel, DoD civilian personnel, reservists on active duty for 72 hours or more, retirees and DoD contractors. Because child care programs are offered for the sponsor to report to work so that the Army can meet its mission, eligibility to use USAG Italy child care programs ends upon End Term of Service (ETS) of sponsor, termination of sponsor's DoD employment or DoD contractor's employment.  All patrons must register with CYS Parent Central Services.

CYS Volunteer Coach Tools


Not sure if you should coach?  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is coaching CYS Sports for you?
  • Have you ever played sports?
  • Do you like making people smile?
  • Do you enjoy teaching or training?
  • Do you have children playing CYS Sports?
  • Are you new to coaching youth sports and are not familiar with the sport?
  • Do you know the sport but have never coached children?
  • Do you have experience coaching but wish to expand your knowledge?
  • Are you a leader willing to give back to your community?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, coaching CYS Sports is right for you!

Sign up today! Fill out the Volunteer Coaching Form.

Parent Information (and Useful Forms)

Below are some useful downloads:

Healthy Habits

Improve healthy habits in your family with the help of CYS Sports & Fitness!  Here are some great links to great info to get your started:

R2 Ready & Resilient Materials

Fort Bragg R2 Resiliency Activity Book

Staying Healthy During COVID-19 Quarantine

Increase Wellness By Changing Counterproductive Thinking

Importance of Sleep & Routine

Sleep Diary

Train Your Body and Brain

Family Scavenger Hunt - House Edition

How Thoughts Drive Reactions - Infographic

How Thoughts Drive Reactions - Info

Mental Imagery - Infographic

Mental Imagery - Info

Mental Mindset - Infographic

Mental Mindset - Info

Mental Visualization (WOOP) - Infographic

Mental Visualization (WOOP) - Info

Mental Thinking Patterns - Infographic

Useful Links

Vicenza Youth Sports Facebook Page

Vicenza Webtrac Page

National Alliance of Youth Sports (NAYS)

Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA)

USDA MyPlate

Red Cross

CYS Sports & Fitness Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my child up for a sport?

All CYS Sports registrations occur at Parent Central Services Office at Bldg. 108, Davis Soldier & Family Readiness Center.

What ages are eligible for CYS Services Sports & Fitness?

CYS sports offers a variety of team and individual sports for ages 3-18 years.

What sports are offered?

Team sports currently offered are:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • T-Ball
  • Flag football
  • Soccer
  • Cheerleading
  • Volleyball

Individual sports currently offered include:

  • Track & field
  • Boxing
  • Bowling
  • Disc Golf
  • Archery
  • Spring tennis
  • Fall tennis
  • Middle School cross country
  • Ski and snowboard trips (offered on several Saturdays in the winter by the Youth Center for youth in grades 6-12)

Additional Programs:

  • Run Club
  • Homeschool P.E.
  • Functional Fitness
  • Yoga
  • StartSmart Sports
  • Healthy Habits

Weekly summer clinics are also offered from June-August, sports vary.

How can I become a coach?

All coaches, volunteers, and sports officials shall be trained IAW the most up to date requirements. The training shall include:

  • Rules & Guidelines
  • CYS Policy & Philosophy
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Concussion Training
  • National Alliance of Youth Sports Training
  • Developmental Ages and Stages Training

Background checks are required for each coach/volunteer IAW the most up to date CYS Services guidance. Background checks processed through CYS Background Check Facilitator. All information can be obtained by contacting the CYS Sports office at the number listed at the top of this page.

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SKIESUnlimited is excited to announce our new classes with Ms. Laura!

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