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Ederle Auto Skills

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The Ederle Auto Skills Center is your resource for maintaining your vehicle, making minor and major repairs or restoring your classic. Family and MWR’s Automotive Skills Program offers a modern working environment complete with individual work bays, state-of-the-art diagnostic and mechanical tools and a team of ASE-certified staff ready to help.

Pay nominal fees to rent:

  • Work bays
  • Tools
  • Machinery and diagnostic equipment
  • Auto detail service

We also have an automatic car wash with state-of-the-art anti-scratch brushes as well as DIY car washing bays and vacuums.

The Automotive Skills Program is accessible to everyone regardless of skill level or training.

To use this facility you will be required to read our SOP and be given a shop orientation brief to familiarize yourself with our shops equipment, procedures and disposal processes of hazardous waste. The SOP can be read at any time.

Shop orientation briefs are available at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. You must sign up on the USAG Italy website. There are only 3 slots available per orientation due to social distancing requirements.

  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
Price List
Service / Item Cost
Bay fee inside (unassisted) $12.00 per hour
Bay fee outside (unassisted) $8.00 per hour
Overnight in bay $10.00
Tire changer $7.00 each
Tire balancer 15" and below $7.00 each
Tire balancer 16"-24" $7.00 each
Tire plug $10.00 each
Brake test $5.00 per axle
Battery charge / alternator test $10.00
Gas welding / soldering $20.00 & up
Mig/arc weld & plasma cutter $20.00 & up
Diagnostic scanner $25.00
Shop labor rate
(Prorated at $15.00 per 15 minutes with a minimum
charge of $5.00 for assistance. If assisted for 20 minutes,
you will be charged $30.00.)
$60.00 per hour
Brake inspection / gage (you remove wheels) $10.00 + Bay
Brake Inspection Full Service $25.00 + Bay
Pre Purchase Inspection $20.00
Fluid / Tire Pressure Check $10.00
Oil change class $20.00 + Bay
Sand blast cabinet $10.00 per 1/4 hour
Brake disc / drum resurfacing $15.00 each
Vacuum cleaner $6.00 per 1/4 hour + bay fee 
Air conditioning $55.00 + coolant
   R-134a $20.00 per pound
   R-1234YF $90.00 per pound
   AC Dye Test $5.00
Oil Change Full Service $50.00 + Oil
Propane Gas Tank - Full $86.00
Gas bottle exchange - clean and serviceable $30.00
Storage Yard Fee 
   Daily $5.00
   Monthly $120.00
   Annually $1400.00
Machine Shop Fee $5.00 & up
   Spring compressor / press $5.00 each
   Pipe bender $6.00 per pipe
   Grinder / sander / drill / dremel $5.00 per use
   Engine hoist / transmission jacks $5.00 per day
   Fuel injector test and clean $15.00 each
   Parts washer (ultrasonic) $5.00
O-Ring $0.25 each
Helicoil $15.00 each + Labor & Bay
Cotter pin $0.25 each
Wire terminal $0.25 each
Snapring / E-ring $0.25 each
License Plates Mounting
   With bracket $7.50 each
   Without bracket $2.50 each
   Brackets with screws & pins $5.00 each

 Note: All prices listed are subject to change

Towing & Roadside Assistance (during operating hours)
Service Cost
Off-post tow $100.00 + $1.00 per km
On-post tow $100.00
Roadside assist / unlock (off post) $40.00 + $1.00 per km
Roadside assist / unlock (on post) $40.00
Roadside assist / Jump start (on post) $25.00
Jump start box (use) $10.00
Locked wheels / no key surcharge $25.00
Crane surcharge $50.00

Please Note: Del Din, Villaggio and Darby are considered "off post".

Additional Towing & Roadside Assistance in Europe

  Phone Number
ACI Italy 803116
AMTC Austria 120
ADAC Germany 22 22 22
CNAS France +33 438-498-344
Spain 011
AMZS Slovenia 1987
HAK Croatia 987
Hungary 112
Switzerland 117
Belgium 070-344-777
Netherlands 0031 (0)88 269 28 88
Auto Detail Price List
Service Cost (Euro)
Hand washing (sedans) €15,00
Hand washing (pickup trucks) €20,00
Hand washing (SUVs)  €25,00
Waxing (sedans) €20,00
Waxing (pickup trucks) €25,00
Waxing (SUVs) €30,00
Interior deep cleaning (sedans) €15,00
Interior deep cleaning (pickup trucks) €15,00
Interior deep cleaning (SUVs) €20,00
Upholstery carpet shampooing (sedans) €70,00
Upholstery carpet shampooing (pickup trucks) €90,00
Upholstery carpet shampooing (SUVs) €100,00
Stateside shipment preparation* €80,00 - €180,00

* Price depends on size and cleanliness of the vehicle. Please request a quote.

Please note: All prices are subject to change based on the cleanliness of the vehicle. Feel free to ask for a price quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to work on my vehicle?

To use this facility you will be required to read our SOP and be given a shop tour/safety brief to familiarize yourself with the equipment in our shop, procedures and disposal processes of hazardous waste. You will need to establish an account and sign up at Webtrac.

The SOP can be read at any time. The shop tour/safety briefs are only held Tuesday to Thursday at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Do you do oil changes and basic vehicle maintenance?

Yes. We perform oil changes by appointment and on a walk in basis. You will need to bring your oil filter or have us order it for you prior to the appointment.

How do I schedule an oil change or other services?

You can contact us by phone, Facebook, or email (all numbers and links provided above).

Do you have someone who can repair my vehicle for a fee?

Yes. We perform trouble shooting and repairs. We do not perform all repairs but we have partners that we can refer you to. You may also bring your own mechanic to repair your vehicle, but will be held responsible for their actions and performance in this facility.

Do you sell parts?

We have contracts with local parts suppliers and can obtain repair parts on the local economy for your European vehicle. We can assist in ordering parts for your American vehicle online.

Do you refill BBQ grill gas tanks?

No. However, we offer an exchange service for $28.50 per tank. You bring your empty serviceable bottle and we will exchange it for a full one.

Do you sell oil?

Yes. You may purchase oil while performing an oil change in our facility which must be put in your vehicle's engine at the time of purchase. We do not sell oil that you can take out of the facility. The vehicle receiving the oil must be registered with AFI or other United States Forces Europe plates.

What do the specific services entail?

We offer a wide variety of services. We can accommodate any kind of repairs you need to perform on your vehicle. We will instruct and guide you, but we do not do the work for you.  

What towing and roadside services are available?

We offer towing, roadside assistance and unlock service during normal operating hours. These services are not available if you are on the autostrada. Only ACI can perform these services on the autostrada.

Can I make an appointment/reservation?

The only service that is performed by appointment is the AC service which is performed by our technician. All other services are first come, first served.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept U.S. dollars, checks and the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery.

What age do my children need to be to work in the bay area with me?

Children under the age of 14 years are not allowed in the work bays and children under the age of 12 cannot be left unaccompanied in the waiting area.

Do I need to show proof of ownership before signing my vehicle into the shop?

Only vehicles registered to authorized patrons are authorized access to the Automotive Skills Center. The only exception is a vehicle being inspected prior to purchase by an authorized patron. Patrons may be required to show vehicle registration at sign in.

  • Auto Detailing Hours of Operation
  • Hours:
    Lunchtime Closure
    Federal Holidays
    Italian Holidays

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