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Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising

If you would like to introduce your business to the American population or ensure your promotions directly reach our American communities, we offer several business opportunities. You can tap directly into an overseas American market with 100% employment rate. Best of all, 50% of this population is under 30 years of age, the age when buying patterns and brand loyalty are established. To inquire about the current opportunities available please review our Advertising and Sponsorship Packet (in English or/o in Italiano). Contact us for an appointment.  We can prepare a personalized business agreement for your company. Payments can be made by credit card, check or bank transfer. 

Contact Information:

Sponsorship & Advertising Coordinator

Building 203, Lower Level

DSN: 637-7992 | Commercial: +39 0444-61-7992


Special Community Events

The Vicenza Military Community hosts several post wide large scale events each year and assist in the coordination of visiting Armed Forces Entertainment and USO shows. 

  • Annual Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony - First Thursday in December

Tree Lighting Ceremony kicks off the holiday season. Photos with Santa, refreshments

  •  Independence Celebration Carnival - Usually the Day prior to the Federal Holiday

Celebrate our nation’s Independence Celebration with carnival rides, games, food entertainment.

  •  Resiliency & Info Fair - second Wednesday in September

Multiple organizations on post join businesses from the Vicenza area for a one stop venue where members of the entire Vicenza Military Community can find information about clubs, organizations and upcoming programs.

  • Fall Bazaar - 1st weekend in October  

Vendors from all over Europe sell their wares including; ceramics, wine, cheese, leather, jewelry, toys, artwork, Venetian glass, furniture and so much more.  The Bazaar is a two day event and the shopping experience can’t be beat here in Italy.

Contact Information:

Special Events Coordinator

Building 112 upper level

DSN: 634-5087 | Commercial: +39 0444-71-5087

Private Organizations

A Private Organization is a self-sustaining, non-federal entity established and operated on Department of Defense (DOD) installations by written consent of the installation commander or higher authority.  This office provides assistance in seeking approval to operate in the Vicenza and Darby Military Communities and guidance in complying with the policies and regulations of operating a Private Organization.

Contact Information:

Management Analyst / Private Organization Coordinator

Building 203 upper level

DSN: 637-7958 | Commercial: +39 0444-61-7958


Unit Funds


Family and MWR Unit Funds are established annually by and used for the benefit of the entire company.

Funds are allocated and available from 01 October through 30 September of current fiscal year.

Request must be made by the Company Commander with the submission of the Unit Fund memorandum to the local DFMWR Financial Management office.

Important information on memorandum

The memorandum should identify the number of soldiers assigned to the company

Commander may assign two funds custodians and detail name, email, and phone number.

Fund Custodians are at the discretion of the company commander

The memorandum must be signed by the company commander

Unit Funds are disbursed as follows:

  • Units of 01 to 60 soldiers $10 per soldier per year
  • Units of 61 to 75 soldiers $600 per year (total)
  • Units of 76 to 300 soldiers $8 per soldier per year
  • Units of 301 to 400 soldiers $2,400 per year total
  • Units of 401 or more soldiers $6 per soldier per year

Use of funds:  

  • Items purchased should be for the benefit of all Soldiers within the unit
  • Units can use the funds for company BBQ’s
  • Parties at the Arena
  • Company coins (not to be used as awards/individual recognition)
  • Company logo mugs

Receiving funds:

  • Daily petty cash disbursement not to exceed $500 per transaction
  • Euro petty cash disbursement not to exceed the equivalent to $500 ($500 x .70(rate) =350Euro)
  • Credit card purchase with approval from Financial Management Officer
  • Transfer Between Accounts (TBA), if you use any MWR activity we initiate the paper work to transfer the money from Unit Funds to appropriate activity
  • Original receipts for cash transactions must be return within 3 business days of receiving cash


Contact Information:

Budget Analyst /FM Unit Fund Coordinator

Building 203 upper level

DSN: 637-7955 | Commercial: +39 0444-61-7955

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MWR host holiday events, carnivals or concerts?

We often host traveling USO and Armed Forces Entertainment shows throughout the year. These often come with short notice but are always posted on our website calendar as soon as we have complete information. Our tentative annual post wide event schedule is on the Special Community Events tab above and once plans are confirmed, the event is posted on the calendar on this site.

Where do I find information about MWR programs and events in the community?

  • Calendar - All events are always on our calendar first.
  • Facebook - We create an event on our Vicenza Family and MWR Facebook page, for our post wide community events.  Trips, classes and program events are often featured in our news feed. Last minute updates and changes are posted as they occur on our facebook page.
  • Bulletin boards - Some events have flyers or posters that are placed on designated bulletin boards in the Community Mail Room, outside the Ederle Library, in the Hotel Breakfast Room and in the facility where the event takes place.
  • Digital Screens - We have 25 digital screens located in each of our FMWR facilities and several other locations around post.
  • Brochures - We publish seasonal brochures such as the ODR trip calendar in September and April, SKIES catalog, CYSS Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Activities Guide,  
  • Outlook - AFN - USAG Italy Facebook and Website - We submit articles, announcements and posters regularly for inclusion in these additional media.

Can I post my flyer in MWR facilities?

  • Family and MWR only permits non-MWR flyers to be posted in our facilities on designated bulletin boards. The board or holder must say "Community Events". Flyers cannot be taped to windows, doors or walls. We don't have very many of these boards, simply because we do not have space. You can contact us for a current list of these locations.

Is there a place on post where I can place my "For Sale" notices?

There is currently nowhere on post that it is authorized to place for sale notices. Several community Facebook groups exist, there are Vicenza "Craigslist" type sites (google "Vicenza classifieds" to find these). There is always Stars & Stripes classifieds and the thrift shop accepts donations that generate funds that are donated back to the community.

Where can I find the movie schedule?

The movie theater is operated by AAFES  Reel Time Theater the movie schedule is on their website.

Can I checkout equipment for my organization party, such as fest tables, bouncy houses, and dunk booths?

Equipment for organization or private parties is available for rent thru Outdoor Recreation.



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